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Just Because You Are Charged With A Criminal Offense - Doesn’t Mean You Are Guilty!

If You're Facing Any Type Of Criminal Charges In The State Of Texas, We'll Fight Hard To WIN YOUR CASE & KEEP IT OFF YOUR RECORD!

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If you or a loved one has been charged with just about any type of crime in the state of Texas, then you need a proven attorney with extensive prior experience in the Texas court system defending the rights of the accused. As a criminal defense attorney, Gary Medlin and his team bring over 67 years of combined expirience in successfully defending thousands of local residents accused of all types of criminal offenses in the state of Texas.

From our extensive experience as a criminal law practice, we work with a deep, and always "top of mind" understanding that our client's future, YOUR FUTURE, depends on the outcome of their case. This is what drives us at The Medlin Law Firm
and what keeps us committed to using anything and everything at our disposal to ensure our client's cases see the best defense possible! As a former assistant district attorney for 9 years in Tarrant County, Gary Medlin is able to assess the soundness of the case against you and skillfully challenge the evidence and how it was obtained. He knows the prosecution’s strategies, and has extensive experience in both state and federal courts.

Gary and his team conduct intensive fact investigations for every case they represent, and work one on one with each and every client to explore all possible defenses to ensure client's of The Medlin Law Firm see the best possible resolution...

Including, But Not Limited To:

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Why Choose Us?

Gary Medlin and his entire team at The Medlin Law Firm are more than just a great resource for criminal defense throughout the state of Texas. We are, first and foremost, your personal and dedicated advocates against felony and misdemeanor charges brought forth against you in any Texas court room!

We represent people in trouble with the law, people who have made mistakes and people from all walks of life who have been incorrectly or unjustly accused of breaking state or federal laws. We represent YOU, the accused!

To us, and to the law......you are presumed innocent! It is the government’s responsibility to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Our highly experienced and dedicated criminal defense team is here to shield you from the stress and strain of these charges by providing the best possible defense for every single case we represent.

Additionally, our criminal defense attorneys believe in strong involvement in our community, and are constantly at the forefront of all decision making in relation to the judicial system in Tarrant County for the past two decades. Our founding attorney Gary Medlin is also:

  • Current President Elect of the Tarrant County Bar Association
  • 2014 President of Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association (Founding Member)
  • Member Of National College for DUI Defense
  • Former Assistant District Attorney For 9 Years
  • Firm's Attorney Will Gallagher is Also A Former Assistant District Attorney For 4 Years


Proactive Defense Is Your Best Defense. We Set The Bar Others Try To Reach.

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Our team is proud to help our clients with comprehensive and dynamic legal assistance that can be heavily relied upon, even a midst the most daunting of situations. We bring a sense of care and empathy to our clients, and we believe that people and their families matter most. That’s why we will strive to take the time to empathize on a personal level with you, as well as your loved ones.

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At The Medlin Law Firm, we operate with full transparency and that is a big part in why we've seen such success as astute criminal defenders for our clients. Our team makes sure that our clients are put into the most optimal of positions, while fully guiding them through the judicial system every step of the way. We leave no stone unturned in order to find the best possible resolution to any criminal matter before going into the courtroom, and that is what makes us your top choice for criminal defense in the state of Texas!

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